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Great Mynds was founded by Dr Anthony Llewellyn who has 20 years of public health sector experience in a range of senior leadership, management and executive roles.

Anthony recently led a major reform of medical training in NSW as part of the Health Education & Training Institute of NSW Executive Team.

Anthony holds specialty qualifications in Psychiatry as well as a Masters in Health Administration and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Anthony has had unique experiences sitting on both sides of the Board table.

This means we can offer our clients a unique set of capabilities.

Sep 2016 – Today
Great Mynds Pty Ltd

Managing Director
Principal Consultant

Sep 2012 – Sep 2016
Health Education & Training Institute of NSW

Executive Medical Director

  • oversight of several medical workforce & training programs, including annual intern allocation, prevocational hospital accreditation, hospital skills, surgical skills, emergency, basic physician and psychiatry training
  • member of Executive Leadership Team with responsibility for organisational strategy
Jan 1998 – Sep 2012
Hunter New England Local Health District

Executive Medical Director (Primary & Community Networks)
Acting Director Medical Workforce
Manager Medical Administration, Mental Health Services
Senior Staff Specialist in Psychiatry

Versatile. Innovative. Excels at complex challenges!

I have known Anthony for well over a decade. He is an innovative thinker and a motivated and engaged professional. He has a significant breadth of experience that I feel indicates his versatility to manage in novel environments and his adaptability and capability to manage complex challenges.



Dr Martin Cohen | Senior Consulting Psychiatrist

Possesses a depth of understanding that few others have.

Anthony has been extremely useful to our company in helping us to navigate the health care landscape and connect us with key players. He has an excellent understanding of all aspects of medical workforce and how public institutions think and work.


Dr Rob Pearlman | CEO Med Apps

Instrumental in navigating the specialty training process.

Anthony has been instrumental in helping me to navigate the application process for a BPT position. AdvanceMed’s workshop on Medical Career Planning, online CV review and interview coaching provide a personal touch to each of the participants with detailed step-by-step guide. Through the continual support and guidance of Dr Anthony Llewellyn, I was successful in obtaining a BPT position at Westmead hospital.

Dr Haresh Doulatram | Basic Physician Trainee

Doubt I would have been succesful without Anthony.

Anthony was crucial in my interview process, and I doubt I would have been successful without him. His service helped on a number of levels. It helped me get over the performance anxiety. Given that first impressions matter so much, coming in with confidence helps a lot. Secondly, Anthony went through a range of questions. This afforded me the luxury of being prepared for the common questions, having a practice run at those I was uncertain answering, and also dealing with curve-ball questions with poise. Anthony’s feedback made the actual interview almost effortless.



Dr Sadhana Govindasamy | BPT Trainee

Delivered a report that identified the real issues.

Anthony undertook a review of Junior Medical Officer matters at our hospital and delivered a report that identified the real issues that affected our well-being. He was able to present practical suggestions for the doctors and hospital to work on together in a sensitive manner that preserved individuals confidentiality and dignity in a difficult time for our hospital and it’s staff.



Dr Alistair Thomson | NSW RMO

Training that is highly recommended.

I highly recommend the Career Training Workshops that Anthony has developed with his colleague Dr Neel Gobin. They are jam packed with practical tips from registrars and insider advice from consultants involved in interviewing and selecting candidates for various training pathways. It has given me a competitive edge for CV writing and more confidence in preparing for interviews. Seriously good value for money as well!

Dr Dana Phang | Qld Doctor

Our Services

Anthony has reviewed thousands of both medical and non-medical CVs in his career.  He knows what stands out on a CV and what should be left out.

Through our Medical Education company AdvanceMed Anthony now offers a service whereby medical trainees can upload their CVs and receive a review and report into the appearance of their CV.  You will receive a score out of 100 as well as checkpoints to consider.  A brief comment with suggestions for improvement is also included for each review.

You will be able to utilize this report to improve your CV.

Follow this link to submit your CV and pay for your CV review report.

If you require a report into a matter of medical workforce or medical training Anthony is happy to provide you with an estimate.

Our experience is that many health professionals do not realise that they have entered a leadership and management challenge phase of their career until it has already occurred to them. It is at this point that they wish they had had more training in the past and are seeking a rapid solution for improving their performance. Coaching and mentoring are established tools for rapidly accelerating leadership and management skills.

We believe that the keys to good coaching and mentoring are: defining good goals, asking good questions and establishing credibility.

Anthony Llewellyn is an experienced executive who has mentored and coached numerous health professionals over the years.  He will work with you on developing a tailored package to help you identify and address leader and manager challenges.

Competition for training positions in Medicine in Australia and New Zealand is now quite fierce.  And this may be the first time you have had to go through the process of applying for a job.

Not only has Anthony Llewellyn interviewed and recruited thousands of doctors to resident, trainee and consultant roles, he has designed entire medical selection processes and advised upon a number of College selection processes.  Anthony knows the medical job selection process in and out.

Anthony won’t just prepare you for the interview he will step you through the complete process of applying for and obtaining that medical trainee position.  From researching Colleges and other specialty training options, obtaining references and compiling your CV, researching the interview process, practicing common interview questions and techniques and following up afterwards.

A 360 Evaluation (or multisource feedback process) can provide you with valuable insights into how others in your team observe and rate your performance.  It can be a useful adjunct to a coaching and mentoring process.

Great Mynds are able to tailor a 360 solution to fit your needs based upon the internationally recognised CanMEDS Medical Capability Framework.

Please contact us for more information.

We are able to provide several other services in the area of medical workforce capability, including:

  • Audit and review of current medical workforce HR practices including all aspects of the HR lifecycle: including review or development of workforce plan, attraction and recruitment, on-boarding, talent management, performance management and development, medical leader and manager promotion and development, exit feedback.
  • Accreditation services, including preparation or audit for College or postgraduate medical council accreditation. Review of accreditation processes.
  • Design of bespoke medical training courses & resources, including eLearning, face to face & blended approaches.
  • Debriefing, critical incident responses, “troubled team” responses.
  • Review of existing training programs.
  • Strategic Planning.

NSW Government Prequalification Information

We are prequalified by the NSW Government for the above services in the medical and health arena


Performance Review

for both agency and program and policy and strategy

Organisational Capacity

for both corporate and business strategy and planning and human resources;

Business Process Improvement

for both agency and program and policy and strategy

At Great Mynds we understand medical culture and the importance of clinician engagement in improving health care systems.  But we also understand that most of the time what works in terms of organisational best practice also works for improving medical workforce performance.

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